Lawmakers Push For USMCA Passage

USMCA Update 031519

China isn't the only trade issue Washington D.C. is working on too.

At some point this year, Congress is expected to vote on the USMCA agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada. The agreement still needs an up or down vote from both chambers of Congress.

“In terms of votes within the caucus, I can’t tell you,” said House Ag. Committee Chairman, Collin Peterson (D-Minnesota). “All I can tell you is I’m for it and I’m doing what I can to help get it passed.”

Senator Roy Blunt (D-Missouri) says he believes Congress could vote on USMCA ‘pretty soon.’ Blunt believes it needs to be voted on within 100 days.

“Once we come to an agreement, you would think that would be a time you’d show every other country in the world that one of the benefits of agreeing to good trade deals with the United States of America is that policies like a tariff on steel and aluminum from your country would be able to be allowed to go away,” said Blunt.

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