Kits keep supplies together when needed (Facilities)

Carla Huston, a veterinarian, came up with an idea of a first-aid kit for cattle to help producers cope with emergencies until the veterinarian arrives. She combined basic first-aid with triage techniques and put a supply list together so that a producer, when faced with an emergency, can prep a wound or even just comfort an animal until the veterinarian arrives.

From that basic concept, kits were created that were more applicable for larger producers that have emergencies more often. For example, her husband, John Huston, farm manager at Mississippi State University's Prairie Research Center, created a foot-rot kit, a respiratory-problem kit, an IV kit, a dystocia kit and a kit for lacerations.

"Because of the organizational advantages of the kits, we created a tagging kit for all of our tagging supplies, de-worming kit, blood collection kit, AI/synchronization kit," says Mr. Huston. "Basically, taking the more common tasks that we perform and organizing all of the necessary equipment into a labeled container. It makes things very easy for processing cattle to have everything categorized so that you are not hunting for individual items for each task."