Keep Your Snow Shovel Handy

Much of the country expects a mild winter, but that won’t necessarily be the case. ( Farm Journal Media )

You might need your heavy-duty chore coat after all. While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has called for a mild winter, Mike Hoffman, “AgDay” and “U.S. Farm Report” meteorologist, has a different take.

Unlike NOAA, Hoffman is calling for a December that brings below-normal temperatures from eastern Texas to the Great Lakes and eastward, and above-normal temperatures from Montana to California.
Hoffman gives two reasons for his winter predictions:

  • A weak El Niño, which typically leads to colder conditions in the East.
  • Very warm water over the North Pacific, and the warmer-than-normal water usually leads to warm air to the West and then colder air to the east as the jet stream comes down eastward.

His outlook doesn’t necessarily match  NOAA’s forecast, which put out probabilities of 50% to 60% for above-normal temperatures in Hawaii, Alaska, parts of the Pacific Northwest and the northern Rockies. NOAA also predicts a 33% to a 50% probability of above-normal winter temperatures that will span across a large swatch of the Plains.

The agency says the model they reference has indicated no areas of the country are favored to have below-normal temperatures.

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