Kansas Rancher Worries About Repeat of 2017 Wildfires

Gardiner Ranch 2018 Update
Wildfires are a constant risk for ranchers in the Great Plains when drought-conditions turn grazing lands into fuel. ( MGN )

In March of 2017, the Starbuck fire burned 461,000 acres of Clark County, Kansas. That same fire charged through the Gardiner Angus Ranch, charring 42,000 acres of native pasture. Last week the Gardiner family had a 2017 flashback, as fire erupted again on their land. This time it was limited to 500 acres.

Following the 2017 fire, the area surrounding Ashland, Kansas received 21 inches of rain in two months. The abundant moisture caused the grasses to thrive. But the current drought conditions have turned those grazing lands into fuel for wildfires.

Grant Gardiner of Gardiner Angus Ranch shares his outlook and concerns.



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