Identity of Montana Carnivore Solved with DNA

wolf-like creature
( Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks )

A wolf-like animal threatened livestock on a ranch in Denton, Montana before the rancher shot and killed it, causing a debate on the internet of what the creature was.

Green moss grew in the animal’s brown fur, which had the appearance of a brown bear. But the paws and tail resembled something of the canid family: a dog, coyote, wolf, fox, or some sort of hybrid. Others ventured to guess it could be a werewolf.

The DNA results were delivered without any of the flair of the Maury Show.

“The canine creature shot in Montana a month ago that captured the curiosity of the nation is actually a gray wolf,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) in a statement on Monday.

In the photos taken by Montana FWP, the animal seemed to have ears too big for a regular wolf’s body and shorter legs, which these types of physical variations “aren’t unusual for animals,” according to the release.

Now that science has unlocked the mystery, we can rest a little easier knowing we might not see a werewolf before the full moon next week.