Holstein, Simmental Associations Partner with Beef-Dairy Cross Program

The American Simmental Association and Holstein Association USA have come together in a first-of-its-kind branded program between beef and dairy breeds. ( American Simmental Association and Holstein Association USA )

A branded program has been established by two major cattle breed associations to help producers who are utilizing beef on dairy crosses on their farms.

The American Simmental Association (ASA) and Holstein Association USA (HAUSA) announced the creation of the HOLSim branded program on April 9. HOLSim identifies SimAngus bulls with genetic traits that will work for dairy producers.

The three pronged approach aims to:

  1. Provide additional revenue to dairy producers through the production of value-added terminal calves.
  2. Offer new marketing avenues for progressive beef seedstock operations.
  3. Offer a consistent supply of high-quality calves better situated to capture market premiums. 

“Holstein producers now have the opportunity to easily participate by simply selecting from the list of HOLSim bulls carried by their semen provider,” says Chip Kemp, ASA Director of Commercial and Industry Operations. “Through the International Genetic Solutions platform, we took a breed agnostic look at what type of beef bulls make the most sense to complement a Holstein female to add the most profitability to the terminal calf.”

To qualify for the HOLSim program bulls must meet the following parameters:

  • Homozygous black
  • Homozygous polled
  • Minimum birth weight accuracy of .4
  • Meet a minimum threshold in the HOLSim Index

SimAngus bulls that qualify for the program are eligible to bear the HOLSim logo in all marketing and promotional material.

The IGS Feeder Profit Calculator (FPC) is utilized in the HOLSim Index. Using FPC, the index is able to calculate economic situations relevant to Holstein cattle, namely, the need for added calving ease, muscle conformation, grading ability and sensitivity to carcass length.

John Meyer, CEO of Holstein Association USA, believes the breeding program has the potential to change the beef-on-dairy dynamic.

“Instead of just breeding Holsteins to a black beef bull, now dairy farmers can breed to a SimAngus bull that ranks high on the HOLSim index. By doing that, they can raise more profitable offspring coveted by both the feedlot and the consumer,” Meyer says.

Calves must come from Registered Holstein dams and be bred to SimAngus bulls identified through the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator.

“To my knowledge, this is the first time that a beef and a dairy breed association have collaborated to have a specific program to benefit both organizations and their respective members and industries," Meyer says.

More imoration about HOLSim can be found by visiting simmental.org or holsteinusa.com, or by contacting Darin Johnson at 802-451-4048, or via email.

The following SimAngus bulls are eligible for the breeding program as of April 2019:

Animal Reg Nbr                Animal Name      Animal Reg Nbr                Animal Name

3253063                             2E EL DORADO 1E            3344847                             IR CAPITALIST E041

3358946                             5GF HR 8006       3344814                             IR CAPITALIST E071

3381624                             5GF HR 8023       3344929                             IR CAPITALIST E075

3042611                             ASR SUPER BALDY C5122               3344944                             IR CAPITALIST E104

3370554                             BAR CK BOTTOMLINE 7028           3062953                             IR DUNDEE C889

2912129                             BAR CK SNOOZE 4015B   3437184                             IR F118

3043246                             BAR CK 225Z 5191C          3344824                             IR MAKERS MARK E044

2808981                             BAR CK 38K 915Z              3210728                             IR NIGHTRIDE D948

2912142                             BAR CK 57X 4028B            3210730                             IR OPPORTUNITY D950

3235353                             BAR CK PROVISION 6068D            3344851                             IR PROSPERITY E107

2809020                             BAR CK RODGERS 1004Z 3217690                             IR ROBUST D932

3256190                             BGIBBS 6240D MAS 4346B            2628568                             J BAR J NIGHTRIDE 225Z

3452018                             BGL UP RIVER F186B       3281730                             JC MR RIVER 020E

3401037                             BHSF FHG 38K 641A 222E              3281718                             JC MR ZEUS 9201E

3337082                             BHSF FHG BEACON 700D               3433254                             JC052F

2909046                             BHSF PROGRESS 652A     3500805                             JC3013F

3478337                             BLACK BALANCER 6028   3433316                             JC555F

3137515                             BRIDLE BIT MR D636       3433292                             JC610F

3271399                             BRIDLE BIT MR E709        3433261                             JC631F

3291807                             BROWN ADV AVIATOR E4537       3433269                             JC688F

3291826                             BROWN ADV BOULDER E4532     2628542                             J-J 201Z

3191780                             BROWN ADV MR ZEUS D3031      3394630                             J-J MR BLK H FRIDE 831F

3191758                             BROWN ADV N. RIDE D3029         2895078                             K M J B69

3241285                             BROWN FSCR AUGUSTUS D209   2849266                             K M J BROMLEY B52

3508008                             CAMP F8037       3118390                             KS AIKMAN D934

3305894                             CBL 5E   2977716                             KS BATMAN C9234

3078668                             CCLC GAME CHANGER B4007       2977449                             KS IRON MAN C477

3323132                             CCLC MR A3005 E730      3452222                             KS MR BOZEMAN F45

3323110                             CCLC UPGRADE E707       3259450                             KS MR HOME RUN E312

3323112                             CCLC UPGRADE E709       2977707                             KS SPIDERMAN C7364

3323113                             CCLC UPGRADE E710       3268894                             LMS PRIME TIME E06L

3323114                             CCLC UPGRADE E711       3434548                             LOCK N LOAD/1106 W315E

3323124                             CCLC UPGRADE E721       3313961                             LOCK N LOAD/1106 W780E

3298018                             CCR ABSOLUTE 5048E     3313963                             LOCK N LOAD/1106 W784E

2720274                             CCR ATLAS 0346Z             2969485                             LRS 1007C

2880390                             CCR BOULDER 1339A      2983741                             LTA MR STEP FOCUS

3437417                             CCR BOULDER 5131F       2983743                             LTA MR STEPN FORWARD

3402023                             CCR BOULDER 5555E      3475188                             M4 CONVICTION 852F

3437503                             CCR BOULDER 6171F       3522736                             MCDF BEACON DUAL GAMBLER 8101F

3297857                             CCR GRADUATE 3027E    3350201                             MCDF COMBO PREMIUM 7165E

3245761                             CCR GRADUATE 4512D   3350169                             MCDF COMBO VALUE 7171E

3297833                             CCR HANDY MAN 2120E 2675278                             MCDF DUAL COMBO 262Z

3402008                             CCR YUMA 5533E             3350286                             MCDF NITERIDE COMBO 7111

3152334                             CDI 260D             3522835                             MCDF RANCHER JUMP START 8110F

2853893                             CLRS BOBCAT 607 B         3522710                             MCDF ROBUST DUAL GAMBLER 8188F

2853939                             CLRS BOURBON 604 B    3005441                             MR WEF INSTINCT 11C

3399333                             CLRS FINALIST 380F         3318045                             NLC 159E

2735698                             CLRS GRADE-A 875 A       3189968                             NLC 22D

3087234                             DIXON NS PRIME CUT C529          2897686                             NLC BARRETT 11B

2697009                             DIXON PRIME CUT NS Z209          3160956                             OPEN 8 BOZEMAN 691

3056867                             DRCK COWABUNGA C21 3345269                             PBS-MANIFEST E244

3132024                             DRI MAJOR UPGRADE C228          3471934                             PBS-PROSPECTOR F83

3180486                             EGL DATATRAC 04D         3474619                             PPSR BRUISER 105F

3355442                             EGL EMERGENT 70E        3311045                             RC EASY ANSWER 060E

3355412                             EGL EVEREST 25E             3163432                             RC EASY ANSWER 093D

3498940                             EGL FIRESTEEL 103F         2864036                             RC EASY ANSWER 137B

3498942                             EGL FIRESTEEL 104F         3252583                             RC EASY ANSWER 267D

3498944                             EGL FIRESTEEL 110F         3102026                             RC EASY ANSWER 269C

3498946                             EGL FIRESTEEL 111F         3102031                             RC EASY ANSWER 274C

3498947                             EGL FIRESTEEL 115F         3102048                             RC PREMIUM BEEF 440C

3498948                             EGL FIRESTEEL 116F         3409821                             RC SIGNIFICANT 464E

3498949                             EGL FIRESTEEL 117F         3038663                             RC TOP GRADE 131C

3498754                             EGL FUSION 16F 3402703                             RCR F27

3498766                             EGL FUSION 34F 3009938                             REDHILL 225Z 160Y 138C

3498771                             EGL FUSION 37F 3396688                             REDHILL 231A 158B 96F

3330163                             ES EC43 3088128                             REDHILL 231A 191Z 303C

3481780                             ES FX85 3278479                             REDHILL 231A 53A 106E

3409199                             EWA 7158 OF 3160 BEACON         3395137                             REDHILL 294C 281C 356E

3275236                             FAUTH PARARAMPAGE 705E        3501041                             RFS F632

3275237                             FAUTH PROFIT MOUNT 631D       3462183                             RFS F7

3337463                             FSCR BEACON E185         3426339                             RHODES BEACON F64

3337522                             FSCR BEACON E206         3426350                             RHODES BEACON F82

3337507                             FSCR BEACON E207         3476119                             RKNWHRT BLACKHAWK 82F

3337493                             FSCR BEACON E209         3476120                             RKNWHRT BOULEVARD 76F

3337517                             FSCR BEACON E210         3294184                             RL4 RYMO OLIE POWER F53E

3337524                             FSCR BEACON E223         3071124                             RLWF NIGHT STRIKER C5274

3234764                             FSCR D117 PIRATE B065 3438346                             RYMO NICKELBACK K21F

3405128                             FSCR F034           3438363                             RYMO REVENUE PACE A09F

3405130                             FSCR F036           3469647                             S D S CONSTITUTION 899F

2622776                             GCCR EASY ANSWER Y108             2999063                             S D S HOOVER DAM 505C

3104722                             GIBBS 5063C HOME RUN              3297282                             S D S NIGHTRIDE 703E

3104726                             GIBBS 5096C NIT 3290A  3297317                             S D S NIGHTRIDE 714E

3104849                             GIBBS 5729C COMMANDER          3240536                             SF FHG BEACON D90

3256503                             GIBBS 6121D TUR W858 3520573                             SFG NIGHTRIDE F803

3256504                             GIBBS 6155D SUPER DUTY            3045754                             SFG3 C205 OF 231A X Z349

3256508                             GIBBS 6235D TUR Y531   3486914                             SHEL AVIATOR 8378F

3256246                             GIBBS 6271D BOL 0609X 3250490                             SLN ZEUS 43E

3256369                             GIBBS 6427D BOL Y608   3403084                             SOUTHERN 045F

3256395                             GIBBS 6785D STA 2431Z  3383012                             SOUTHERN 1510E

3404218                             GIBBS 7022E TRP 5781C 3275795                             SOUTHERN 7192E

3404224                             GIBBS 7069E TRP 5015C 3383029                             SOUTHERN BLK HAWK 383E

3404237                             GIBBS 7143E TRP 5095C 3383049                             SOUTHERN BLK HAWK 802E

3404240                             GIBBS 7177E TRP 5286C 2630148                             SSF BLK PRE-DEST Y796

3404317                             GIBBS 7180E BOL 5751C 3301622                             TFS BLACK SAND 7450E

3088732                             GW BLUE COLLAR 399D  3020350                             TFS DREAM DOCTOR 5656C

2832529                             GW COUNTRY BOY 142B               3460307                             TFS REMEDY 8437F

2954746                             GW DUAL GAMBLER 029C             3460308                             TFS REMEDY 8438F

2954745                             GW JACKPOT 027C           3184294                             TFS RESOURCE 6407D

3012758                             GW PROSPECTOR 389C   2899309                             TRPH MR NIGHTRIDE B13

2954741                             GW TRIPLE CROWN 018C              3050958                             TRPH MR NIGHTRIDE C24

3295296                             GW VINDICATOR 312E    3254252                             WS LIGHT SPEED E230

3242801                             GW-SCC BREAKTHRU 596E           3498031                             XXL FUSION 267F

2725800                             GW-TF STEP OUT 827Z    3406034                             YON HOOVER DAM F154

3423770                             HAYS ADMIRAL F08          3246071                             YON NIGHTRIDE E352

3273753                             HAYS PROPHET E02          3246100                             YON NIGHTRIDE E440

3336704                             HHR ACHILLES E047         3245966                             YON NIGHTRIDE E685

3484469                             HHS HOME RUN 836F      3436064                             YON NIGHTRIDE F1103

2838197                             HHS MR CLEAR PROGRESS 517B  2744919                             YON OLIE A188

3013502                             HOOK`S CAPITALIST 37C 2980116                             YON OLIE C758

3132826                             HOOK`S DELANO 87D      3097710                             YON OLIE D784

3403355                             HOOK`S FEDERALIST 43F 3097616                             YON OLIE D806

3403333                             HOOK`S FORTE` 21F         3246090                             YON OLIE E353

3403336                             HOOK`S FUTURITY 24F    3436070                             YON OLIE F1109

3062936                             IR ABSOLUTE C872           3436053                             YON OLIE F1140

3062940                             IR ABSOLUTE C876           3436095                             YON OLIE F1331

3358314                             IR ABSOLUTE E027           3406097                             YON OLIE F690

3062949                             IR ALUMNI C885               3406120                             YON OLIE F691

3210743                             IR ALUMNI D963              3406079                             YON OLIE F822

3210731                             IR BEACON D951              3406082                             YON OLIE F997

3358284                             IR BEACON E010               3406076                             YON SUBSTANCE F352

3344912                             IR CAPITALIST E040          3246004                             YON WEIGH UP E418


Download the bull list in xlsx format.