Have you “Herd” that it’s #BeefMonth in May?

Beef provides the high-quality protein you need to maintain a healthy body. ( Troy Walz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension )

Finally, it’s warming up enough to pull out the grill—good thing May is Beef Month! Cattle farmers and ranchers are taking to Twitter to share stories from the farm and help educate others about the power of protein.


We love seeing kids visiting the farm! Sharing the story about cattle and beef production is easy to incorporate into a variety of activities. The American Farm Bureau Foundation has several kids games, worksheets and school lesson plans about beef.  

Good job Missouri Cattlemen’s and Adams Land and Cattle in helping educate the next generation about beef and agriculture production!

What other community outreach activities are you involved in this month? Tag @DroversCTN in your post!



Many state beef councils also offer resources to help teach kids about beef production. The Iowa Beef Industry Council and Iowa Ag Literacy Foundation offers several options.


We are efficient using low resources to make a high quality product. Beef is a smart way to provide food for many!



Even our friends across the pond celebrate beef month!



Beef provides the high-quality protein you need to maintain a healthy body.



Food safety is something cattle producers care deeply about! We want you to enjoy every bite—so we continue to help educate consumers on how to handle meat safely.



If you don’t already know which steak you’re having tonight, the Iowa Beef Council has a way to figure it out!



And here’s some tips on how to cook that steak you just decided on!



Want to get in on the beef promotion game? The Masters of Beef Advocacy made a monthly calendar with ideas for each day.