Grazing the Net: Get naked. Eat vegan. Don't tip.

London Bridges are known to fall down and thanks to a new restaurant it will be okay for clothes to fall down, too. A "pop up" restaurant called Bunyadi will open in London this summer for a short run. It is being billed as the city's first naked restaurant.

The idea sounds like a hit with 11,000 people already setting up reservations.

Tickets are roughly $100 per diner and the menu is vegan friendly (there are some non-vegan options). A changing room lets patrons strip down and leave their personal items so they can go bare to dine in candlelight. That has us wondering, what do you do with your wallet? Makes it kind of hard to tip the waitress or waiter if you can't hold on to your coin purse.

Radioactive milk

We're just 30 years removed from Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown and fire anniversary. Chernobyl has been billed as one of the worst nuclear energy catastrophes ever and the fallout is still impacting a neighboring country's agriculture producers. Dairy farmers in Belarus have cows producing milk with traces of radioactive isotopes. Eating a little bit of cheese contaminated with the nuclear fallout won't kill you says Natalya Timokhina, deputy director of Belarus' Institute of Radiobiology. "What's dangerous is the accumulation of radionuclides in the body," he adds.

If too much of the radioactive food is ingested over time it can lead to thyroid cancer—a death sentence if it isn't diagnosed soon enough.

Attack of the billboards

Billboards, they're everywhere: on the side of highways in pastures, slapped to the side of buildings or strapped to the sides of vehicles. It's almost like billboards are monsters in a horror movie and they are on the attack. Right now, agriculture is under attack by billboards. We've shared how the EPA might have been involved in funding anti-agriculture advertising.

It seems the negative farming billboards have started to mutate and multiply as a massive campaign to tear down GMO crops makes its way across the country. Billboards in 191 locations,

in 35 cities

in 13 states went up on Earth Day and will be up through Mother's Day claiming organically grown food is the only wholesome food to eat. The billboard message reads "Our families get better when they eat organic."

If those billboards didn't have you scratching your head, here are 30 more that might.

More than $400K donated to wildfire relief

Thanks to an outpouring of support, more than $400,000 has been raised for Kansas and Oklahoma wildfire relief funds. The amount of money is even greater than the staggering number of acres burned in the March wildfire.