Gardiner Angus Ranch 9th Annual Fall Bull Sale

Now, more than ever before, the beef industry continues to signal the fact there is extraordinary value throughout the food chain. That message was clearly communicated Monday, Sept. 30, at Gardiner Angus Ranch's 9th Annual Fall Bull Sale. Disciplined breeding using proven sires for nearly 50 years, genomic enhanced EPDs, GMX testing on Angus commercial cattle, and continuing efforts to educate both registered and commercial beef producers confirm this. Three of the top selling bulls were purchased by progressive commercial beef producers.

The high selling bull, Lot 4, GAR Daybreak 6512, is a fall yearling that illustrates "you can have it all" through disciplined breeding and powerful data. The MCC Daybreak X 5050 combination takes a double digit calving ease and a +117 yearling weight EPD to the Tommy Cartrite, Sunray, Texas, cow herd. A 6.02% IMF, a REA ratio of 116 and a +104.20 $B is a clear indication this young sire will be a valuable addition. Tommy Cartrite paid $22,000 to own Lot 4. Lot 1, GAR Daybreak 5542, is another MCC Daybreak X 5050 combination with a bright future. 5542 also posted a +12 CED, -0.5 BW and a +125 YW EPD and a +109.60 $B. Repeat buyer, Thaine Schickedanz, Fargo, Okla., paid $19,000 for Lot 1. Long time customer, Joe Mayer, Guymon, Okla., had the winning bid on Lot 2, GAR Prophet 6502, for $17,000. GAR Prophet 6502's data indicates he may be a near perfect bull to sire calves with exceptional growth and carcass value.

There was much competition for Lot 103, yet another MCC Daybreak X 5050 genetic combination. GAR Scale House 6252, like Lots 1 and 4, earned a double digit CED of +15 with a YW EPD of +119. Brandon Peterson, Alcester, S.D., had the winning bid for Lot 103 at $17,000.

Three bulls sold in the $14,000 range. Lot 9, GAR Daybreak 6192, sold to John Wessel, Garber, Iowa; Lot 11, GAR OAF Prophet 1114G, sold to William Ray, Fairview, Texas; and Thaine Schickedanz added Lot 160, GAR Prophet 5912, to his herd bull battery.

Lot 33, GAR Rest Assured N6292, attracted considerable attention prior to the sale. CED of +13, -0.4 BW EPD, +1 Marb, +0.94 REA, %IMF Ratio of 128, +99.94 $B just begin to describe the potential of this bull. Sired by Connealy In Sure out of GAR Predestined N408, one of the truly great GAR donors, Rest Assured is certain to make an impact on every calf crop, registered or commercial. Lot 33 was purchased by CAM Ranches and Ogeechee Farms, Arnoldsville, Ga.

Joe Mayer added Lot 82, GAR Rito 9M25 H 2519, to his purchases for the day with a winning bid of $10,000. Paul Mayer, Hardesty, Okla., selected Lot 85, GAR Ingenuity K852, and paid $10,000. Maplecrest Farms, Hillsboro, Ohio selected Lot 91, GAR Prophet W482, to add to the Grimes family operation with a winning bid of $10,000.

Two bulls, Lots 94 and 95, sold to Tom and Paula Watkins, Ringwood, Okla., and Clarence Yanke, Sunray, Texas, for $9,500 respectively. Five bulls sold in the $9,000 range and will be working in progressive commercial cow-calf operations. Lots 37, 54, 76 and 88 sold to Joe Mayer. Lot 97 sold to Gary Stone, DVM, Chandler, Okla.; Kerry Stitt, Dover, Okla., purchased Lot 12 and Clarence Yanke added Lot 96 to his load, each selling for $8,500.

Long-time GAR customer and friend, Randy Bayne, Protection, Kan., purchased Lot 31X, for $8,000. Six more bulls, Lots 55, 84, 87, 98, 128 and 131 sold for $8,000 to David Carter, Melbourne, Ark., Joe Mayer, Steve Ehrig, Gonzales, Texas, David Taylor, Dallas, Texas, and Dale Long, Gate, Okla.

Ten bulls sold for $7,500 to registered and commercial producers from six states. Ten more bulls sold for $7,000 to progressive producers representing seven states.

Online bidding was active for the bred registered heifer groups. Twenty-four registered bred heifers sold in six groups. Online bidder, Lee Shepherd, Purdy, Mo., purchased one of the top selling groups with a winning bid of $3,700 per head. Long-time GAR commercial producer, Jimmy Richardson, Carlsbad, N.M., also paid $3,700 per head for Group #4. Another online bidder, Jessie Walker, Altamont, Utah, paid $3,300 per head for Group #5. David Stevenson, Gilmer, Texas, paid $3,200 for Group #2. Brandon Fields, Lebanon, Va., and Lee Shepherd purchased the remaining two groups for $2,800 and $2,750 respectively.

One-hundred-nine bred commercial heifers sold in groups of 10. Stan Benkenstein, Lufkin, Texas, had the winning bid on the high selling group of heifers at $2,350 per head. Benkenstein purchased Groups #11, 6 &; 3 for $2,250, $2,200 and $2,350 respectively. Harlan Hockett, Adrian, Mo., purchased Group #4 with a final bid of $2,250. Denny Machin, Kellogg, Iowa, paid $2,200 for Group #1. Jessie Walker and Mark Clark, Dalton, Ohio, each purchased a group for $2,200. Bill Gumma, Bluff City, Kan., had the winning bid of $2,150 and $2,100 for Groups #8 and #10 respectively.

Immediately following the GAR Fall Bull Sale, the Profit Proven Group presented a high quality offering of 260 GAR-influenced commercial females. More than 648 head sold in three and a half hours to 103 buyers representing 20 states.

Volume Bull Buyers: Mike Vickrey, Claremore, Okla.; Joe Mayer, Guymon, Okla.; Steven Mafrige, Tilden, Texas; Rod Blunk, Alva, Okla.

Volume Registered Heifer Buyer: Lee Shepherd, Purdy, Mo.

Volume Commercial Heifer Buyers: Stan Benkenstein, Lufkin, Texas; Bill Gumma, Bluff City, Kan.