Freaky Fast From Facebook

Facebook has announced a new feature that allows you to order food for delivery or pickup from 10 popular restaurant chains such as Jimmy John’s, Panera, Chipotle and Five Guys, or through several popular delivery services like and GrubHub.

The concept is to combine the deluge of separate delivery options into a single, massive food menu housed within the social network itself. Through Google’s “Order Food” function you can scroll through a master list of neighborhood restaurants that offer delivery through various delivery sites and order food. 

How does it work? On the Facebook mobile app, you can find the “Order Food” option under the “More” button indicated by the three parallel lines. That button usually appears at the bottom right on iOS or top right on Android. On your desktop or laptop computer, you can find the “Order Food” option under the "Explore" section on the left-side of the News Feed (you may have to tap on the "See More" arrow to find it). Another way to start an order is by searching for the restaurant. If that restaurant has an option to order food through Facebook, then you will see the “Start Order” option next to it:

Facebook says it has been testing the service for the past year. It's available on iOS, Android and desktop.