Forest Service warns Northwest ranchers of booby traps

As if handling cattle and working in the elements didn't already pose enough danger, Oregon ranchers are facing additional risks as Forest Service warns of booby traps in the Northwest.

A release from the Pacific Northwest Region of Forest Service says an Oregon rancher was injured June 13 while moving cattle. The rancher, riding an ATV, ran into fishing line strung across a forest road.

According to a report, 25-35 pound monofilament fishing line was tied to Ponderosa Pine limbs on both sides of the single-lane gravel road about three feet high on one side, and four feet high on the other. The line caught the unsuspecting rancher just above the tip of the nose, peeling it to about the bridge and throwing him off backwards.

The Grant County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident.

A similar case was reported a few weeks prior. Such acts occurring on Federal property are considered a Federal Crime. Anyone with information about the incidents or persons responsible is asked to call 541-575-1131.


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