Five Hot Topics in Veterinary Medicine

5 hot topics ( spark )

Bovine veterinary medicine is constantly changing. We gathered five articles on topics ranging from rabies to underfeeding to keep you up-to-date.

Coccidiosis Affecting Young Calves

Coccidiosis can have permanent damage to young calves’ digestive tract, especially in calves 1 month to 1 year old. Because coccidiosis has a 21-day incubation period, a calf showing symptoms of bloody diarrhea and straining was actually infected at birth. How familiar are you in protecting the vulnerable members of your herd?  Full article here. 

Cattle Rabies is No Laughing Matter

Are your producers more likely to call you as soon as they suspect rabies or wait to “see how it comes out?” This resource list of signs could prepare your producers to be proactive in the fight against rabies. Full article here.

Prime the Pump

Probiotics are a hot topic for human health, and while results are mixed for humans, studies are pretty clear on the importance of the bovine microbiome. If you have wondered how the microorganism population becomes established in the young calf’s rumen after birth, or how to improve calf gut health, read the full article here.

“Purple Gut” in Calves Can Cause Fatalities Overnight

Enterotoxemia, also known as “overeating disease” or “purple gut,” can kill a calf overnight.  The disease typically occurs when a calf’s natural feeding pattern is disrupted, even for common events such as moving cattle or a calf escaping a fence. These disruptions may cause a calf to over-eat afterwards. Find the full article here. 

Underfeeding Beef Cows Has Consequences

Snickers commercials say, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Well, the same may be true for cattle. Underfeeding cattle during gestation and lactation has noticeable effects later on reproduction efficiency. Here’s a feeding program research shows can help cattle get back on track.  Full article here.