Five Horses Butchered In Texas

At least five horses have been killed and butchered in a community south of Houston since late May. The Pearland, Texas, police department said in a Facebook post officers made the first discovery on June 10, after responding to an animal cruelty report.

Police and Pearland Animal Services found a horse that had been killed by what investigators say was a fatal stab wound to the chest. The perpetrators then removed the horse’s backstraps and the front and hind quarters, leading officers to believe the animal was killed for its meat.

On August 8, Pearland officers were again called to investigate two missing horses. The owner reported the horses were missing and her property fence had bee cut. The two horses were discovered dead and butchered about a half mile away on adjacent land. Those two horses also had their backstraps and hind quarters removed.

The Pearland Police Department said it is aware of two additional horses slaughtered in a similar manner in neighboring law enforcement jurisdictions. One horse was killed May 22, and the other on June 29. Both crimes occurred in proximity of the Pearland city limits along the Sam Houston Toll Road.

“The Pearland Police Department is encouraging horse owners and residents to be vigilant and report all suspicious activities,” the department said.