Fed Cattle Prices Steady, Feeders Uneven

Cash fed cattle prices were called steady on the week at $108 per cwt. in the South and $109 in the North. Cattle on a dressed basis sold at $171 to $172 per cwt. Packers remain in a highly profitable position, while many feedyard closeouts are showing red ink.

Steers and heifers sold uneven at auctions this week, with prices ranging from $4 lower to $4 higher. AMS reporters said some early week sales were quoted at $8 lower, while late week sales were $7 to $8 higher.

“Demand for feeder cattle and yearlings was moderate to very good,” AMS said, “with many headed home to farmer feeder. For unweaned or short-weaned calves, demand was light to moderate at best.”

Choice boxed beef closed Friday at $196.62, up $5.02 per cwt. for the week. Select boxed beef was down 23 cents at $188.50 per cwt.