Dry Lotting Cow-calf Pairs as an Alternative to Summer Grass

Drylot cows
( John Maday )

In this month's BeefWatch Producer Perspective Podcast, Alex Wiese, who is part of a family owned and operated farm near Newman Grove, Neb., shares how he has started a cow-calf enterprise as part of his family's operation. In the podcast Alex shares management practices and techniques he is using to dry lot cow-calf pairs through the summer. 

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The thought process and transition from grazing summer grass to dry lotting of cow-calf pairs
  • Feed resources that are used in the summer dry lotting program
  • Practices to encourage good herd health
  • How the cow-calf enterprise complements other enterprises in the operation

Research by the University of Nebraska investigating summer dry lotting of cow-calf pairs has shown seasonal dry lotting can be a cost competitive option to traditional production systems. This is especially true in areas of the state where crop residue and ethanol co-products are readily available and summer pasture is limited. The 2015 Dry Lotting and Confinement Cow Series provide videos and information on topics related to management of cow-calf pairs.

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