Drovers TV: Kane Beef Trouble; Wyoming Brucellosis; and Hauling Rules

Drovers 10-18
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In this week's Drovers TV Report there is a case of brucellosis in Wyoming; proposed regulation changes for livestock haulers; and a Texas beef packer is facing financial troubles. 

Brucellosis Infected Cattle Found in Northwestern Wyoming

The Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory and the National Veterinary Services Laboratory notified Wyoming state veterinarian, Dr. Jim Logan, on Oct. 11 of the new case of Brucellosis. The cattle herd is located in Park County which is in the Wyoming Brucellosis Designated Surveillance Area.

Hours of Service Petition Seeks Flexibility for Livestock Haulers

A petition filed to the Department of Transportation (DOT) by livestock groups is seeking more flexibility to hours of service regulations.

The petition filed by groups representing bee, fish and livestock haulers was submitted on Oct. 15 asking for a five year exemption on particular hours of service requirements. 

Kane Beef Now Under Court Receivership

Kane Beef Processors, the Corpus Christi, Tex., company that kills 270,000 cattle annually with $500 million in annual sales, is now under court-ordered receivership. As the nation’s 10th largest beef processor, Kane Beef has been in operation since 1949, but fell into financial trouble after failing to pay nearly two dozen cattlemen and feedyards, according to court documents.

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