Drovers Readers Voice Opinions on Border Security

A Border Patrol agent monitors the U.S.-Mexican border near Nogales, Arizona. ( Wyatt Bechtel )

The topic of border security has been politically polarizing during the past few weeks as a government shutdown has reached record lengths. Discussions of a border wall are not only dividing politicians, it is also dividing farmers and ranchers.

Last week an article called Securing Border Ranches was posted to the Drovers’ Facebook page with the question “We’d like to know. What are your thoughts on a border wall?”

Of the more than 22,000 people who saw the article on Facebook there were 64 people who left comments on the post.

A majority of readers who commented on the story left a simple response like “build it” with more than 30 people posting a variation, such as:

The use of eminent domain to build a wall was a sticking point for some, along with the complications of building a barrier in rugged terrain:

Thoughts about how fencing and gates are implemented on private property like ranches was discussed:

Use of tax funds were a concern for some:

The discussion even shifted to security along the northern border with Canada:

Some questions about the wall’s ability to keep in livestock was even posed:

Another version of the story was posted to update on the current political situation and we asked readers to leave their thoughts on a border wall.

One reader says, “A most critical element of border security is the presence of the ranches and ranchers themselves. In all political discussions they are referenced in the abstract rather than their central importance. They must not only be included, they must find a government that wants to keep them there.”

Another person says, “I believe the ranchers know what is best for their ranch and would support a wall that would protect our great country!”

As the discussion continues in Washington DC with political leaders, we’re interested in how cattle producers view the debate. What are your thoughts on a border wall? Is a wall needed? Are there other forms of security that could be implemented? How could a wall impact ranchers who run cattle along the border? Share your feedback in the comments below.