Dogs Kill Calf, Wound Cows in Mississippi; Dog Owner Arrested

Katelyn Wood, of Mooreville, MS, 19, was arrested after two of her dogs attacked several cattle and killed one calf.
( Lee County Sheriff's Department, Mississippi )

A dog owner in Mississippi has been arrested after two of her dogs attacked several cattle and killed one calf.

Deputies from the Lee County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call from a farm that reported several cattle being attacked by two dogs on Nov. 12. The dogs were either pit bulls or pit bull mix.

The two dogs chased one cow long enough that it collapsed from exhaustion. A calf was similarly chased until it collapsed and died. In photos the calf appears to have bite marks.

Several cattle had injuries around their head with pictures showing that ears were bleeding from apparent dog bites.

In a police report it is stated that the cows were pregnant so there could be the risk of calves being aborted from the stress of the incident. However, it will not be known until the spring if there were any negative effects. The Lee County Sheriff’s Department says “Thousands of dollars were lost due to this incident.”

The owner of the dogs, Katelyn Wood, of Mooreville, MS, 19, was arrested and charged following the attacks. Charges include:

  • 2 counts of failing to have rabies tags
  • 2 counts of failing to produce paperwork for proper vaccine
  • 2 counts of failing county ordnance for possession of dangerous or aggressive animal

Wood was previously charged with failing to produce vaccine papers and for violation of county ordinance for possession of a dangerous or aggressive animal.

For more on a similar dog attack in Arkansas read the following story:

Submitted by Mike Teichroeb on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 20:36

People who live in rural areas should be responsible for all costs caused by their animals. We have lost 10s of thousands of dollars to dogs in central Oklahoma. Law enforcement just tells us to shoot the dogs. Producer always gets screwed. Happy this person got arrested maybe it will set an example.

Submitted by Tony boland on Sun, 11/18/2018 - 06:08

I hope she does jail time road gang would do her good ,and i hope they put the dogs down

Submitted by Witte Farms on Sun, 11/18/2018 - 09:54

And reimburse to the cattle owner for their financial loss? I can’t believe she’s only charged with lack of paperwork and vaccines for her dogs. I had a dog, or dogs kill a few calves this last spring, but it happened when nobody was in that pasture or at night to see what dogs did it. So, out thousands of dollars for just that incident.