CRISPR and Beyond: Closing Keynote Addresses Breeding Advances

Dr. Robb Fraley ( Monsanto )

Dr. Robb Fraley will present the closing keynote at the 2018 AgTech Expo, “Breakthrough Innovations in Breeding: From Machine Learning to CRISPR and Beyond.”

 “Today we can literally breed gene by gene to make crop improvements in a fraction of the time that it would take traditional plant breeding to accomplish the same results,” Fraley says. “So it’s exciting to think about what this will mean for farmers, in terms of new technology not only reaching them faster, but also being more customized to meet their specific needs.” 

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It has been nearly 40 years since Dr. Fraley started working on ag biotech research at Monsanto, and more than 20 years since he led the development and launch of the first genetically modified crops. Now the former CTO sees more breeding breakthroughs on the horizon, driven by rapidly expanding knowledge of plant genetics and remarkable advances in machine learning and data analytics. Learn how molecular breeding and gene editing tools like CRISPR are enabling scientists to breed better plants with more precision and speed than ever thought possible; what it could mean for productivity, food security and environmental sustainability; and why the ability to realize these benefits hinges on effective communication.