Covered mineral feeder (Equipment and facilities)

Kevin Nelson of Canton, Minn. built this covered mineral feeder to minimize waste from the weather. The mineral feeder features 6-by-6 skids as the base so that it can be moved to multiple locations. The box in which the mineral is placed is built using 1⁄2-inch plywood for the floor which is then boxed in with 2-by-8-inch boards for the sides.

   The roof was constructed starting with a pair of 16-foot-long cross beams parallel to the feed box and to one another. The roof attached to these beams consists of four full size Harvester bin sheets and two sheets cut in half.

   "I tied a fly rub on each side so the cattle can rub up against it as they walk in to lick the blocks," says Mr. Nelson. "It can be used for salt blocks as well."