Coors Light Excited to Raise a Glass in a #ToastToFarmers

Farmers will be getting toasted or cheered by beer drinkers around the country as a thank you from Coors Light. ( MillerCoors )

Beer drinkers around the country will be toasting farmers on Feb. 15 as a thank you to their hard work and dedication. Coors Light is hosting the #ToastToFarmers as a response to Bud Light’s “corn syrup” advertisements that brewed a #corntroversy in agriculture.

For the #ToastToFarmers, Coors Light is asking beer drinkers to go to social media to thank farmers. MillerCoors is also having distributors visit bars to buy a round of Coors Light to help with the festivities. In an interview with AgriTalk, Ryan Reis, vice president for Coors family of brands, shares that he is excited to be toasting farmers.

“It is not many days in your career, in your life, you get to say thank you to some people that really deserve it, like this,” Reis says.

To further thank farmers, Coors Light is going to events like the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky. and buying beer for farmers locally to celebrate.

Reis says that some of the distributors he works with in the Midwest went out to morning coffee to hand out six or 12 packs of beer for farmers to enjoy at the end of their workday.

“We’ve been a proud partner of farmers and the quality ingredients that we put in our beer for a long, long time,” Reis says.

For generations farmers have produced ingredients like barley, corn and hops that have helped Coors brew beer for the masses. Unfortunately, the Bud Light Super Bowl commercials appeared to shine a negative light on MillerCoors use of corn syrup in its Miller Lite and Coors Light beers.

“It knocked us off guard a little bit when someone else took a swipe at those quality ingredients. We thought you know, who doesn’t deserve to be dragged into this is the American farmer,” Reis says.

Reis goes onto add that Coors Light and MillerCoors will standup for America’s farmers and that the company is proud of the ingredients it uses.

For more on Reis’ thoughts about the #ToastToFarmers campaign listen to the AgriTalk interview below and check out some of the social media posts that have been shared thus far: