The code of ethics for selling beef

Consumers concerned about animal care and handling need to know that – since 2000 – cattle producers who comply with Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) standards follow the "Code of Ethics For Selling Market Cows &; Bulls." The Code states that: (I) I will only participate in marketing cattle that pose no known public health threat, have cleared proper withdrawal times, have no terminal condition, are not disabled, are not severely emaciated, are not prolapsed with visible fetal membrane, have no advanced eye lesions, and have no advanced lumpy jaw. (II) I will do everything possible to humanely gather, handle and transport cattle. (III) I will do everything possible to humanely euthanize cattle, when necessary, to prevent suffering and protect public health. When consumers ask where food comes from – and the food is beef – they should want to know if the beef was generated by cattle producers who comply with all BQA Guidelines.

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WhereFoodComesFrom®, by IMI Global, Inc., is their effort to introduce you to the farms and ranches that meet these stringent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and International Standards, and to help you understand the value of third-party verification. Farmers and ranchers that take pride in their products, voluntarily ask for services by IMI to underscore their commitment in making accurate and truthful claims about the products they raise.