China Thwarts Attempt To Smuggle Wagyu Semen From Japan

Japanese authorities are investigating an attempt to smuggle Wagyu semen and eggs from Japan to China. ( . )

Japanese authorities are investigating a farmer in western Japan who allegedly sold Wagyu cattle semen and embryos to another man who attempted to smuggle them to China.

The Japanese news agency Kyodo reported a livestock farmer in Tokushima Prefecture told police in February he sold the semen and embryos for several million yen to a man he had never met before. The investigation was launched after Chinese authorities found the Japanese man carrying the semen and eggs in straw-like containers in July of last year in an attempt to enter China.  

When questioned by Chinese authorities, the man told police he was asked by an acquaintance to carry the semen and embryos to China. He did not follow the required procedures for exporting livestock, semen and embryos. The police believe the man is different from the person who bought them from the Tokushima farmer.

The Tokushima farmer did not follow necessary procedures to sell cattle semen and embryos either, telling the police he was asked to sell them over the phone and did not know they would be taken out of the country, Kyodo reported.

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