China Lifts Ban on Australian Beef

Australian ranchers are breathing a sigh of relief after China lifted an import ban on Australian beef that lasted three months.

The ban began in July, after discovering labels on some boxes of exported beef did not match packet labels inside. According to local media reports, these six processors account for 30% of Australia’s beef exports to China.

Now Australian processors and producers are emphasizing the vigilance required at every step of the supply chain, to ensure protocols are met.

Australia’s Acting Prime Minister Julie Bishop said it was very good news given the beef export industry was worth about $670 million to the Australian economy each year.

"There were some issues regarding labelling regulations that have now been resolved very quickly," she told reporters on Tuesday.

"Given the strength of the trading relationship between Australia and China - of course China is our largest trading partner - and the fact that we have a high-quality, comprehensive free trade agreement between our two countries, it's very pleasing that this matter has been resolved."

The ban remains in place for one New South Wales plant, which came under the suspension later. Australian officials say they will continue to work with Chinese authorities on import inspections and other areas of cooperation, while the resolution is worked through.