A Century of Angus

Two families are honored with the American Angus Association Century Award. ( Spring Cove Ranch )

Spring Cove Ranch of Bliss, Idaho, and Purath Angus Farm of Red Lake Falls, Minnesota, were both honored as Century Award recipients during the Awards Recognition Breakfast Nov. 4 at the 2019 Angus Convention in Reno, Nevada.

The work of Angus breeders is more than a business – it’s a way of life. The American Angus Association® initiated the Century Award to recognize its members and their families who have been in continuous production of registered Angus cattle for at least 100 years.

“The Angus breed has built its foundation on the legacy of our breeders, and we are proud to welcome both Spring Cove Ranch and Purath Angus Farm to the elite group of Century Award winners,” said Mark McCully, American Angus Association CEO.

Now operated by Art and Stacy Butler, Spring Cove Ranch dates back to the early 1900s and began on a 160-acre patch of dry, rocky land allotted by the Homestead Act. The ranch was started by A.H. Butler alongside his mother, brother and wife, Effie. There, they sold and showed Percheron draft horses and registered Angus cattle all across the West.

“The Angus cow has provided a living for this family for 100 years, and she continues to amaze us with her tenacity and endurance,” Art said.

Art’s father, Doran Butler, was the second generation of Butlers to own and manage Spring Cove Ranch, and he experienced the transition from horse power to tractor power and first implementation of artificial insemination.

“Family is the most important part of an operation like this,” Art said. “Where you can play together, work together and pray together.”

The foundational Angus lines of their ranch go back to 13 cows from the “Blackbird,” “Nosegay” and “Jennett” cow families. Today, Art and Stacy, along with their son, Josh; daughter, Sarah; daughter-in-law, Denise; and nephew, Dale Butler, work on a daily basis to uphold their century-old legacy.

Gary and Patty Purath, of Purath Angus Farm, also were honored with the American Angus Association Century Award. Located 100 miles from the Canadian border in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota, Southside Angus Farm was started by Ernest Purath, and it’s now known and celebrated as Purath Angus Farm.

“Purebred Angus cattle have been an important enterprise of our diversified fourth-generation farm since 1914,” Gary said. “When you look back and see what they have accomplished – that’s the legacy I would like to build on.”

In its modest beginning, founder, Ernest Purath, and grandson, Fred Purath, purchased four registered Angus cows, which would later lead to three generations of exhibiting Angus cattle. Later, Willard and Pauline Purath would pass the legacy down to their son, Gary, and his wife, Patty.

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