Cattlemen Suffer Extreme Flooding in Nebraska and Iowa

Additional moisture this week, will aggravate the flooding situation even more, meteorologists say. ( AccuWeather )

Flooding in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa continues to impact cattlemen, right in the middle of calving season. Additional moisture this week, will aggravate the situation even more, meteorologists say.

While many areas of the country received large amounts of moisture during the “bomb cyclone” the first week of March, residents of Nebraska and Iowa saw the flood levels rise, as water moved across frozen ground. Cattlemen are facing challenges of all kinds, from moving livestock away from flood waters, finding feed resources, to rescuing animals from deep and debilitating mud.


Peterbilt pontoon boat. Going to get wdgs for the cattle. Hope I never see anything like this again in my lifetime. #Flood2019

— Ryan Loseke (@RyanLoseke) March 15, 2019



At this point we are sure that at least 57 pairs are swept away from the flooding. It’s trying times for us people that ranch the platte

— Hank (@hankkMG) March 14, 2019



From the Fremont area this morning on the Platte. Each of those little islands has dozens of cattle on it, stranded with no place to go.

Our thoughts are with our agriculture industry as they will certainly feel the effects of this flooding.

— NEStatePatrol (@NEStatePatrol) March 15, 2019



Ranchers all over are also stepping up to help. This hay caravan came from South Dakota, where ranchers have been struggling to get through huge snow drifts to reach livestock. Click here to read about an injured rancher that was rescued by a neighbor with a tractor.


Hay for sale! You load.

— gordon (@GordonLassen) March 13, 2019



Here in Wisconsin we’ve been dealing with the snow epidemic for a while. Barns collapsing, grain bins falling in, and now major flooding. It takes a village to get through this! Prayers to all dealing with this horrible winter!

— Emily Flory Carolan (@emily_floryag14) March 15, 2019



A Facebook group for Nebraska coverage shows the impact the flooding is having on many different communities, as users upload their photos and videos. Search for “Nebraska Flooding 2019”.

Seventeen locations so far have broken their flooding records, according to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.

The Associated Press reports three fatalities due to the flooding. Additional moisture is on the way for Tuesday, but flooding is expected to last through at least April.


Sheets of ice scramble over Iowa dam causing additional flooding concerns

— AccuWeather (@accuweather) March 17, 2019



Rivers are cresting 3-5 feet over record levels this weekend in Nebraska and Iowa; the flooding will continue for weeks in the Midwest.

— AccuWeather (@accuweather) March 17, 2019