Cattle Criminals Strike In Arkansas

One of the animals killed had a front leg dismembered. ( Craig Ryan )

Another incidence of senseless killing of cattle has occurred, this time in Arkansas. Greene County rancher Craig Ryan reported multiple cattle were shot and killed in his pasture.

“We found three here, there was one over here that was down and two more over here," Ryan told KAIT News 8 in Jonesboro, AR. “One of them had the front shoulder cut off.”

Ryan filed a report with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department. “Anything like this, to see that go to waste, that was just cruel for someone to do that.”

Greene County is located in northeast Arkansas about 60 miles south of Popular Bluff, MO. Ryan has a message for those shot his cattle.

“You need to think about turning yourself in," he said. "I don’t know if it was kids. If it’s kids, you know, it’s not the thing to be doing. If it’s anybody just looking for meat, there are other ways to get meat. There will be a lot of guys out there looking for you, so I’d ask that you turn yourself in and do the right thing.”

The killing of Ryan’s cattle adds to a growing list of cruel cattle shootings this year. At least 19 head have been shot in Utah since April, four pregnant cows were killed in North Carolina and in South Dakota four Charolais cattle were shot and killed in August.

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