Casual Cattle Conversations Podcast Shares Stories of the Industry

( Shaye Koester )

On the Casual Cattle Conversations Podcast, Host Shaye Koester interviews ranchers and others within the industry to keep stories relevant and interesting. Topics range anywhere from what it’s like to start a ranch from scratch, returning to the family operation, improving ranch management and much more. Listeners can take away advice from any episode and become engrossed in the conversations being shared. These are conversations that you would hear at kitchen tables, hay fields, bull sales or industry conventions. They are honest, unique and real; while maintaining a focus on the beef industry. They are inspiring and encouraging for the upcoming generation of ranchers and beef industry enthusiasts yet bring back memories and build connections with all ages of listeners.

Shaye Koester
About the host:

Shaye Koester is the host and owner of the Casual Cattle Conversations podcast. She’s a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, majoring in Animal Science and obtaining minors Engler Entrepreneurship and Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars. She’s a North Dakota ranch girl who takes her passions for the beef industry and storytelling with her wherever she goes. She values visiting and having genuine conversations with others, because there are lessons, inspiration, and advice that come with every unique story. Koester combined her entrepreneurial spirit and passions to start a business in August of 2019. The Casual Cattle Conversations podcast was created to magnify the reach and impact of everyday conversations about being involved in the beef industry.

To find the podcast:

Episodes are accessible via computer or smartphone and can be played anywhere once downloaded. Search “Casual Cattle Conversations” in the Apple podcasts, Spotify or on Podbean apps. Hit “subscribe” you will automatically be notified when new episodes are released. You can also go to and listen via the website.

It can also be found on Facebook and Instagram, where summaries and snippets of advice from different episodes are shared regularly. Go take a listen and become engaged in virtual conversations about the ranching lifestyle and beef industry.  

Available episodes: