CAB's “Brand the Barn” Puts Passion for Beef Up to For All to See

One of the stops on the Certified Angus Beef "Brand the Barn" Tour was the Ulrich family in Allenwood, Pa. ( Certified Angus Beef )

Many farm kids grew up with the long, hot summer job of painting the barn. But a project from Certified Angus Beef (CAB) is putting the fun back into what used to be a chore.

Barns are the center of the farm—where the hay is stored, cows are calved and processed, and the center of family and community gatherings. There’s a heritage and a story in each one. The barns of today take all shape and form—but all represent the history and passion cattlemen have for their farm or ranch.

CAB’s “Brand the Barn” promotion is putting that passion up for all to see.

For the organization’s 40 year anniversary, CAB is painting murals of the CAB logo on 40 barns across the country. At each stop, they feature social media posts about the farm or ranch and a look inside of the family and community they live in.

Follow along as the tour continues. No. 25 was just completed, with 15 more to go. Here’s a few photos they’ve shared along the way:



The artist, Troy Freeman, Free Sky Studios, has been painting murals for more than 10 years, ranging from schools, amusement parks, cities and townships. He’s also published 15 titles as a freelance illustrator. See his Instagram feed for more photos and projects. 



Barn #17 Day 2 (and 3) . The heat was on in #Kansas this day and the wind felt great if you could find it. I had a #barn blocking it so I found shade and had a fan blasting on me while I worked. We had a great Day 2 #brandthebarn celebration lunch catered by Little Apple Brewing Co (who also catered lunch for barn #16) . I painted into the afternoon chatting with folks and maybe because of the heat and maybe because of the inescapable local pride, I ended up #painting a @kansasstateuniversity #powercat instead of a #CertifiedAngusBeef #steer . No one seemed to mind but, I do like my job and #KSU is not my client for this job so I ended up painting over it...but, hey, @kansas_state_university , if you want me to #paint some #purplepride around Kansas for you, hit me up! . Since it was so hot, I quit early and came out early the next day to finish up, pack up and drive my butt home for a well needed and well deserved couple days with the #family. Chris gave the #signpainting a good last inspection and even took down the #scaffolding for me and helped pack me up. . I really loved my stay with the Sankeys and wished I had more time to stay and visit but my desire to be home for a few days won out and I headed back to #Illinois to get smothered with kisses from my dog and family. I loved Kansas but even Dorothy would tell you: "There's no place like home." . @brandthebarn #barnpainting #barnart #sign #alwayshandpaint #travelblog #roadtrip #wizardofoz

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Click to see CAB’s interactive map with the locations of the murals. Or this list of farmers and ranchers.