BMC: Ground beef prices up 189% from 2000

Retail ground beef prices in April were at $4.23/lb., up 3 cents from March.  This is the second highest price for retail ground beef in history.  The record was set in January and February at $4.24/lb.  April 2015 prices were 42 cents higher than 2014 and 96 cents higher than 2013.

This marks the ninth month in a row that retail ground beef prices have been over $4/lb.  Retail ground beef prices  exceeded $4/lb. for the first time in history in August 2014.   The average price in 2014 was $3.90/lb., up 50 cents from 2013. The annual average price in 2014 was the highest in history.  The average price in 2015 is $4.23/lb.

Retail ground beef prices have risen a whopping 189% since January 2000.  Prices never exceeded $1.65/lb. in 2000.  Retail ground beef prices were never over $2/lb. until 2003.  Prices didn't surpass $3/lb. until 2012.