Blended Burger Makes Debut

Equilibrium Foods believes its new 50-50 burgers will appeal to consumers seeking to reduce, not eliminate, their beef consumption. ( Better Blends )

Could consumers wary of plant-based burgers be convinced to try a product that lets them cut meat consumption by half? Equilibrium Foods believes its new 50-50 burgers could appeal to that demographic.

The Better Blends burger is a combination of 50% beef and 50% plant ingredients. The blended burger contains less fat, fewer calories and less cholesterol per serving than a traditional burger.

Equilibrium Foods, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, describes the product as a combination of “beef, vegetable and grain blended burger.”

Additionally, the 50-50 burgers are marketed as antibiotic-free and GMO-free. The burgers are also “free from the top 10 food allergens including dairy, soy and gluten.”

“Many plant-based meat alternatives are highly processed, full of salt and refined ingredients,” company founder and CEO Doug Ridge said in a press release. “Better Blends meat + plant burgers help consumers reduce their consumption of meat by half, and still enjoy what they most love about meat burgers.”

Better Blend burgers have been two years in development. “We see the rise of the flexitarian and blended products as an opportunity for Better Blends products,” Ridge said. He pointed to studies that indicate meat eaters want to reduce how much meat they eat but not necessarily become vegans or vegetarians.

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