Biotech acres mixed across much of the U.S.

In 2016 whether corn, soybean or cotton biotech acres rose or fell was highly dependent on state. Surprisingly, some key players in corn and soybean production saw a slight drop in biotech acres.

2016 Corn Biotech Acres

Source: USDA Acreage Report

In 2016 there was relatively little overall change in corn biotech acres. Surprisingly Iowa, one of the biggest corn producing states, did see a drop in biotech acres overall. Missouri had the most notable jump from 89% in 2015 to 93% of corn acres planted to corn in 2016.

2016 Soybean Biotech Acres

Source: USDA Acreage Report

Soybeans seemed to see more growth in biotech acres in 2015 than corn. Missouri lead the pack with a four percentage point jump year to year.

2016 Cotton Biotech Acres

Source: USDA Acreage Report

Cotton acres seemed to drop in the majority of states. California, however, jumped forward seven percentage points.