Bill Seeks to Make Ribeyes the ‘State Steak of Oklahoma’

A bill proposed by a state Senator in Oklahoma would make a ribeye the official state steak.

Sen. Casey Murdock authored Senate Bill 21, which names the ribeye the ‘State Steak of Oklahoma.’

Murdock is a rancher representing the Panhandle region in the northwest part of the state and he says the bill is meant to promote an Oklahoma product. According to USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service data, Oklahoma is the nation’s fifth largest producer of cattle and calves. Cattle sale proceeds in Oklahoma exceed $3.7 billion annually according Oklahoma State University Extension.

“We get beat up on different issues; we're last in education, we're last in this and that, and we need to promote what is good in that state also,” Murdock tells KFOR Channel 4 News.

The bill has received negative feedback from some Oklahoma residents.

“I think Oklahoma has a whole lot of pressing issues versus someone wasting time thinking about rib eyes, naming it as our official steak,” says Agafar Cooper.

“They could be working on education instead of thinking about steak names,” says Brent Thrasher.

Despite some of the pushback there are people like restaurant owners who support the legislation. 

“Having a steak that represents the state of Oklahoma is good for agriculture, it's good for the restaurant industry. It's got Cattlemen's name written all over it,” says David Egan, co-owner of Cattlemen's Steak House in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma has already named milk the state beverage and watermelon the state vegetable.