The Best Farmer Ideas From Cattle Producers, Continued

Keith Blinson, a farmer from Lenoir, N.C., needed a way to keep his electric fence from kinking. Read below his solution. ( Bob Cunningham )

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Non-Kink Electric Fence Gate (pictured above)

Keith Blinson, Lenoir, N.C.

I made an electric fence gate from lightweight chain cut to the desired length. At each end, I added a ⅛"x¾" repair link to attach the plastic handles. I can lay the gate on the ground, then drive or walk over it. It will not kink, roll up, wrap around my leg or stretch. We use these gates on all our electric fences, and they’re especially handy for rotational grazing.


Keep Calves From Getting Caught In the Bale Ring

Betty VanLeeuwen, St. Paul, Kan.

My husband, Larry, always had trouble with small calves getting caught in the hay bale ring, so he took some old hay baler belts and wove them around the bottom of the bale ring. The problem was easily solved. He wished he had thought of the idea years ago.


Gates Silenced

Simon Hofer, Sioux Falls, S.D.

My gates were always making loud banging noises that disturbed the cows during milking hours. So I took an old silicone milking inflation and cut off the larger end. I made a slit to insert the hose clamp and attached that to the gate.  Now when you close the gate, they are completely silent.


Net Wrap Holder

Kari Middendorf, Sauk Centre, Minn.

When dealing with large bales, we like to keep the net wrap handy. We used square tubing to build a net wrap holder that hooks over our tractor’s front weight bracket. First, we welded four 12" vertical posts to a 40" horizontal base. Then we attached a pair of 7" hooks that slip over the weight bracket. Now the net wrap is always within reach, nestled in the space between the posts and the hooks.


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