Angus VNR: Feeding Quality Forum Coming to You

Producing the best beef means staying on top of the latest information and overcoming obstacles. That’s why the 15th annual Feeding Quality Forum will come directly into your home or business in 2020.

“We didn't want to lose out on the opportunity to still provide the kind of thought-provoking information and progressive beef industry curriculum that our audience has really come to expect from the Feeding Quality Forum. So this year, we have shifted from an in-person event to a two-day webinar. Realizing that we're all going to miss the opportunity to see each other face-to-face, shake hands, get to see old friends and colleagues, but we're still able to bring some of the great minds from the beef industry to present the kind of information that folks have really come to expect and look forward to from our Feeding Quality Forum event,” says Kara Lee, production brand manager for Certified Angus Beef.

The on-line series will go live for just two hours each day on August 25 and 26, sharing ideas and insights that touch everyone with a stake in cattle feeding.

 “Our primary audience for the Feeding Quality Forum has always been the professional cattle feeder. The folks who are ultimately charged with the management and oversight of those cattle in the last phase before those cattle enter the food chain. However, it's also an outstanding event for commercial producers, the folks who are raising those calves. We know that ultimate carcass quality is a lifetime event and there are a lot of opportunities for those commercial producers to gain more insight about what can help make their cattle be more valuable to the cattle feeder, to the packer, and ultimately to the consumer,” Lee says.

Time is valuable, so it’s focused on the most relevant and useful information for the quality-focused cattleman right now. 

“We know that up-to-date, accurate and useful market information is one of the most powerful resources that cattle feeders and commercial producers alike can utilize, especially this year, more so than ever. This year's Feeding Quality Forum webinar agenda is very heavily focused on the cattle market side of things. We have Dan Basse from the AgResource group, Dustin Aherin from Rabo Research, a division of Rabobank, and Randy Blach from CattleFax, who will all be bringing in different perspectives of useful market information. From a global market overview to a 20 year outlook of what we can expect from the beef cattle business. Then even taking a very close look at the March to August timeframe of this year and the rollercoaster of cattle markets that the industry has endured,” she continues

Each year, the Forum honors someone for outstanding service and contributions to the feeding industry.

“Another annual highlight of the Feeding Quality Forum is the recognition of our Industry Achievement Award. This year, even though we'll be gathering virtually, we're very excited to honor Dr. John Matsushima for the 2020 Industry Achievement Award. We will be honoring Dr. Matsushima at the conclusion of the very first day, so don't miss out on that opportunity,” Lee says.

Registration is free, so the only investment is your time to access and interact with industry leaders. Please visit to register.