American Angus CEO To Resign

A letter to members of the American Angus Association announces the resignation of its CEO. ( FJ )

In a letter to Angus breeders dated May 1, 2019, the board of directors of the American Angus Association announced that chief executive officer Allen Moczygemba will resign effective May 15, 2019.

“Allen has been a strong leader for the Association and a dedicated servant to our members during his three-and-a-half years at our Saint Joseph, MO, headquarters,” the letter states.

In a separate letter to Angus Association members, Moczygemba confirmed his resignation. 

"It's been an extremely rewarding period during my time at the Association," Moczygemba wrote. "In November of 2016, the Board of Directors passed the organization's ambitious Long-Range Strategic Plan. The twenty-one strategic initiatives in the plan were developed to ensure that the organization continues to grow in relevance in the coming decades while more importantly, growing its members prosperity."

Moczygemba also wrote, "It's been an honor to serve in this role and to work each day with a staff of incredible talent. The American Angus Association remains the world's leading beef breed association and I'm fortunate that I could play a small part in its success."

The Angus board said they know while decision “understandably may create some uncertainty among our membership, please be assured that the Board of Directors values all of our members and the contributions each person makes every day.”

The letter states that the process to identify qualified candidates for the position of CEO. Until the position is filled, current Chief Operating Officer Chris Stallo will serve as interim CEO and oversee  the operations of the Association and its entities.

The board said association members should not expects any disruption in operations and services.