Alpharma, LLC Introduces the Deccox Value Calculator

Bridgewater, N.J. – Alpharma, LLC, the makers of Deccox® (decoquinate), a medicated feed additive, is now offering a way to help producers, feed manufacturers, and veterinarians determine medication mixing rates and how to better manage expenses associated with coccidiosis. The easy-to-use, interactive tool, found at allows producers to get the most out of their Deccox® animal health investment.

"Producers are always looking for method to improve efficiencies on their operations," explained Ryan Dunn, Marketing Manager for Alpharma's US Cattle Products.  "Understanding how tools like Deccox can help reduce treatment costs associated with coccidiosis, along with making sure feeds are medicated at the proper rate, contributes to the bottom line."

The Deccox value calculator allows users to enter their own operation statistics to calculate the impact coccidiosis can have on their business. There also is a portion of the calculator that quantifies costs associated with subclinical coccidiosis.

"Calves with subclinical coccidiosis don't give any specific clues or symptoms to pick up on," observed Dr. Bert Stromberg, professor at the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine.  "These subclinical infections generally go undetected, making it difficult for cattle to repair coccidiosis-damaged intestinal tissue, resulting in poor performance and increased cost of gain."  

For more information on how Deccox and the Deccox value calculator, consult your Alpharma Account Manager, local veterinarian, or Alpharma, LLC at [email protected] or 1-800-834-6470.

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