Allflex acquires Destron Fearing Corp.

Allflex USA, Inc. has expanded its business in animal identification technology, with news it has acquired Destron Fearing Corporation the animal-identification branch of Digital Angel Corp., for $25 million in cash.

Allflex USA is a leader in livestock identification and management tools. Its current product line includes visual identification products – Tamperproof tags, global tag systems, and feedlot ear tags – and electronic identification products including radio-frequency identification (RFID)/electronic identification (EID) systems, half duplex tags, full duplex tags, electronic ID applicators, and EID readers. Allflex also offers a range of custom identification products and a line of syringes for livestock producers.

Destron Fearing's products are utilized around the world in such applications as pet identification, using its patented, FDA-approved implantable microchip, livestock identification and herd management using visual and RFID ear tags, along with a variety of RFID readers for use with cattle, swine, horses and sheep.

The implantable microchip, currently used in companion animals, will bring a new feature to the Allflex product line, including potential animal-health applications. The implant can include a temperature-sensing feature that allows the RFID reader to capture the animal's body temperature along with its identification. Real-time body temperature readings can help identify animals in early stages of disease, facilitating early and potentially more effective treatment.

"After exploring all available alternatives and reviewing a number of scenarios with AgriCaptial Corporation, an investment bank hired to evaluate the value of the business and advise the Board of Directors on its strategic options, it was determined that selling Destron Fearing was the best solution to maximize the value of the business for Digital Angel's stockholders and provide the best opportunity for Destron Fearing employees, partners, and customers," said Joe Grillo, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Angel Corporation.

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