AIMS makes record keeping easy

Record keeping, while sometimes tedious, is essential for producers wanting to advance their herds. Farmers and ranchers can stay organized and up-to-date with their herd by using the 2.5 version of the Angus Information Management Software (AIMS).

Designed and written by the American Angus Association® , AIMS is a Microsoft Windows-based program that compiles and stores herd information in one location, facilitates Association cattle registration, and submits Angus performance records.

"AIMS 2.5 has many updates and enhancements, most notably the addition of several fields and a new way to update EPDs," says Scott Johnson, AIMS director. "We call the new concept web service, where a user can request and receive an EPD update without the traditional email method."

The web service feature allows breeders to request and download EPD updates through the software, rather than submitting email requests to the Association. Streamlining this process gives users more flexibility when updating EPDs. 

In addition to the web service feature, several new fields are now available for producers to monitor, including residual average daily gain (RADG), docility  and value indexes; Igenity Profile and Pfizer Rank fields; and defect status updates of arthrogryposis multiplex (AM), neuropathic hydrocephalus (NH), contractural arachnodactyly (CA), gene mutation for dwarfism (D2), among others.

The ability to easily access this type of information gives Angus producers the scientific data they need to make smart decisions for the future of their herd. All other information previously supported by AIMS is present in the 2.5 software, including a simulated breeding feature to assist in sire selection, submit registrations, electronic transfers and record breeding and performance data.

AIMS can also store health records, income and expense data, customer names, sales records, and also produce customized reports including camera-ready sale sheets.

In the future, the AIMS software will expand the data-exchange and semen-inventory features.

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