50-pound RABON Oral Larvicide Premix Bag

Beef and dairy producers can get a head start on their fly control programs this season by initiating prevention tactics that start with a serving of oral larvicide mixed with complete feed, concentrates, hand feeds, mineral supplements, blocks, liquid and pelleted feeds. Season-long fly management is easier and more effective when flies are attacked at their source – as larvae in the manure pats.

For a quarter century, RABON Oral Larvicide (ROL) has been used in feedlots to provide reliable, economical, easy-to-apply fly control. This spring, KMG Animal Health is introducing a 7.76 percent premixed formula of RABON available in a new 50-pound bag – RABON 7.76 Oral Larvicide Premix – for convenient, economical use in cow/calf, stocker and dairy operations.

RABON 7.76 Oral Larvicide Premix is a tetrachlorvinphos insecticide that kills fly larvae before they develop into difficult-to-control adults. The active ingredients of RABON pass through the digestive system and settle into the manure where they remain toxic and active for up to six weeks. The chemicals in RABON kill larvae by stunting and disrupting the normal function of the nervous system.

Flies cost the cattle industry nearly a billion dollars a year in production losses and health care. Besides the pain and stress they bring to the cattle, horn and face flies cause reduced weight gain, lowered feed efficiency and increased susceptibility to a long list of diseases. The tab alone for treating infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (IBK), or "pinkeye," transmitted by face flies is, for example, more than $200 million.

Horn flies, in particular, do not stray very far from their origins. Flies settle on and antagonize only one animal, and the females lay their eggs in the manure of that animal. When the flies mature and leave that pat, they head directly to their "motherland" – the same cow that produced the manure.

With such a narrow universe and a predictable, repetitive life cycle, horn and face flies can be vulnerable, and Rabon 7.76 has been successfully exploiting that weakness for 25 years – preying on fly larvae as soon as they hatch.In addition to being approved for beef cattle and lactating dairy cows, RABON 7.76 has been cleared for use in horses and swine.

RABON 7.76 Oral Larvicide Premix 50-pound bag is available at local animal health products suppliers, or visit www.kmgchemicals.com.

Source: KMG Chemicals news release