4,000-acre South Florida Ranch on Market for $26.3 Million

A ranch neighboring the seventh largest landowner in the U.S. is on the market for $6,500 per acre. ( Jon Kohler & Associates )

A working cattle ranch in South Florida has been listed to sell for $26.3 million.

The BR Ranch in DeSoto County encompasses 4,047 acres total. The entire ranch is fenced for cattle and can be grazed in a rotational grazing system.

The ranch has 1,900 of improved grass and fields that can be utilized for the cattle operation, according to the listing agency Jon Kohler & Associates. For that acreage 1,100 acres are improved pasture planted to Bahia, Bermuda and Hermanthia grasses. The other 800 acres are crop fields that have been laser leveled and include irrigation tile system with pumps.

Of the 800 acres of fields the ranch has been leasing 300 acres at a rate of $500 per acre. Crops grown include tomato, watermelon, various vegetables, hay and sod.

There are two houses located on the property. The Cypress Lodge is 2,900 square feet with 3-bedrooms and 3-bathrooms. The lodge has pine and cypress woodwork throughout the house. The Ranch House also known as “The Ponderosa” is 3,037 square feet with 4-bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Other ranch improvements are two horse barns, working pens, dog kennels and a number of barns for hay and equipment storage.

Wildlife found on the BR Ranch include Osceola turkey, deer, wild hog, and wild and released quail. The ranch is also known for its waterfowl and has great fishing.

“Location, location, location...rarely does one find a trophy ranch of this caliber so close to the affluence, conveniences and energy of Southwest Florida’s great hotspots,” says Jon Kohler, the listing agent for the property.

The ranch is located 16 miles from Punta Gorda and is less than two hours south of Tampa. Neighboring the ranch on the east property line is the seventh largest land owner in the U.S., billionaire Brad Kelley, the founder of Bull Durham and USA Gold discount cigarettes. The Water Management District borders the ranch to the south.

“The ranch is close but also protected,” Kohler says.

The current asking price of $26,305,500 equates to $6,500 per acre.

A video tour of the ranch can be watched below: