4 New Livestock Products for Spring

( MGN )

While Mother Nature continues to deal farmers and ranchers winter weather, spring is on the way. Here are four products livestock farmers can consider as they wait for warmer temperatures to arrive. 


Portable Cattle Chute, Alley and Tube

Arrowquip’s new Portable Q-Catch 86 Series cattle chute, alley and tub has been redesigned for easier transportation and better function.

Based on rancher feedback, the system offers improvements to meet low-stress cattle handling guidelines. Rubber floors were added to improve cattle footing and eliminate noise as animals enter the chute. Caulking on sheet metal panels, rubber hindge absorbers ensure quieter function. A cradle-shaped alley funnels cattle in a single-file link and can adjust to handle calves or cows of varying size.

The 3E BudFlow lets cattle enter and exit smoothly in a lower-stress maner. Cattle enter at the front of the tub, rather than the back, allowing them to turn back to where they entered, which is their natural instinct. This also offers a clean line of sight, preventing stalling and backing up.

Other options on the 600 Series include a new patented second-generation head holder, a optional sternum bar and ability to choose from left- or right-handed system, or a combination of the two.

For more information, visit www.arrowquip.com/cattle-equipment.


New Livestock Feed Management Tool

A new livestock scale display platform, POINT, is the first result from a partnership between Scale-Tec, Ltd., and Performance Livestock Analytics, Inc.

This scale display platform adds improved features to Performance Livestock Analytics’ Performance Beef feed management system, enabling producers to accuraty capture every pound of feed delivered and every dollar spent within the operation.


Producers can access real-time access to on-farm data and closeout reports, and share information with their advisors for accurate and timely financial and performance decisions.

The POINT display is entirely calibrated, supported and update through its mobile app, increasing ease of use. It connects via Bluetooth, with a range of 1,000’. It’s also able to connect to a majority of scale systems already in use on beef operations.

To learn more about the Performance Beef system, go to www.performancelivestockanalytics.com. For more information about Scale-Tec’s innovative POINT display, visit www.scale-tec.com.


Cover More Hay Acres

Rain clouds on the way? The BiG M 450 self-propelled mower conditioner offers high output at faster speeds, up to 15.5 mph.

Handle dry or wet hay in all crop conditions, with a 36’7” wide cut the CR model, featuring intermeshing chevron pattern rubber or steel conditioning M rolls. The CV model features a 32’6” cut with V-tines. The machine creates three equal-sized windrows for faster, uniform drydown. Powered by the 449-hp Liebherr Tier 4 Final engines with EcoPower, operators will have improved fuel efficiency. The Stepless Bosch Drive System creates a smoother ride with no shift points, reducing fuel consumption. A new traction control system improves handling. Transport width is 9’10” at speeds up to 25 mph.
For more information, visit krone-na.com


Reducing GHG Emissions

Alltech’s flagship brand, Yea-Sacc, a yeast culture designed for ruminant diets, has been validated by Carbon Trust to reduce cattle methane emissions and nitrogen excretion rates.

The Carbon Trust’s findings on Yea-Sacc highlighted that reduced emissions do not need to come at the expense of improved animal performance; Yea-Sacc was shown to increase milk yield, milk fat and protein content, and nitrogen uptake via improved ruminal bacteria.


In dairy and beef animals, methane is an indicator of waste not only for the animal, but also in terms of farm profitability. Increasing animal efficiency helps the animal retain more of that potential energy. This allows for both more environmentally sustainable production as well as increased profitability for the farm.

For more information, visit www.alltech.com.