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Behind the Brand

What makes the Certified Angus Beef brand tick?

5 min ago
Left Behind: A Political Battle for Affordable Healthcare for Farmers

Affordable health insurance is a pain point in rural America, an issue National Rural Health Association says is getting worse, not better. Now, agricultural groups are helping find solutions for farmers and ranchers.

2 hours ago
Hours of Service Waivers Extended Again for Livestock and Feed Haulers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration extended its COVID-19 emergency declaration for Hours of Service (HOS) waivers for the transportation of livestock and livestock feed through Feb. 28, 2021.

18 min ago
JBS USA Removes At-Risk Workers Amid Community COVID-19 Surge

To protect essential frontline workers, JBS USA has voluntarily removed hundreds of at-risk workers from a Greeley, Colo., beef plant in response to rising COVID-19 infections in the community.

43 min ago
U.S. Meatpacker Smithfield Foods Offers to Store COVID-19 Vaccines in Ultra-Cold Freezers

U.S. states, cities and hospitals are scrambling to buy freezers that can safely store Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine at temperatures of minus 70 Celsius, significantly below the standard for vaccines.

17 min ago
Meat Institute Advocates for Meat Industry in COVID-19 Vaccine Priority List

The North American Meat Institute urged federal authorities to prioritize COVID-19 vaccination for the men and women who work on the front lines of the meat and poultry industry, following healthcare workers.

37 min ago


Justin Sexten Performance Livestock Analytics
Justin Sexten: Feeding the Foundation

Some of the greatest benefits to feeding a cow herd have little to do with nutrition. Even the smallest amount of feed simplifies gathering, moving, and checking cows with the sound of the feed truck.

6 hours ago
Brad Hulett
Hulett: Feeder Finally Gains Ground

Cash fed cattle began trading early last week, $1 higher than the week before. Packer margins continue to widen with each passing week, and feedyard showlists called manageable.

4 days ago
Brad Hulett
Hulett: Packers Manage Easily

Feeders in the South hurried to sell cattle on a Tuesday-steady bid. The early trade made it easy on the Packers who seemed more than willing to take on the inventory at steady money.

1 week ago
Miranda Reiman
Black Ink: Look Back Better

Maybe you’ve got the best set of calves you’ve ever weaned in front of you, but you’re trying to market them with extra information. It’s a new process that feels more cumbersome than your usual methods.

2 weeks ago